Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Helicopter Games - Why People Like Playing These Adventurous Games

The Helicopter simulation games are great way to enjoy these great 20th century inventions that have saved lives worldwide. While the combat missions are more popular than the rescue missions, the helicopters fans find them more exciting than the aeroplane as they are more flexible. Here are some exciting Helicopter games that you can enjoy online.

"Comanche 4" is quicker and more real than the pervious versions, you can be in the pilot seat of RAH-66 helicopter quite easily. With the passage of each stage the level of difficulty gets higher, and one better way for rescuing to people from the burning different locations is to really know the machine. The practice area should be the right place to spend time on as familiarity of this might enhance the chances of you making better decision while flying.
The other interesting helicopter online games include, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Bump Copter 2, Chop Raider, Copter, Desert Storm, Heli Attack 2, Heli Attack 3, Helicopter, Hellfire, Overkill Apache, Sky Chopper, Air Strike, and Gulf Thunder.
While helicopter games are great fun to start, if you really want to score high, try to remain focused on the object of the level. The screen should be observed for any new arrival. Staying in the middle of screen often helps if the enemy is coming from every direction, other wise staying away from them might give you more to time to react.
If you are stuck in some firing rang, the best thing to do will be going up. This way you can ensure the safety easily. Staying away from the edges can also help to keep safe as you might catch off guard in there very easily. Last but not the least, the game will definitely improve if you take a break after an hour or so.
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