Monday, May 25, 2015

Rochard: An Exciting Puzzle Adventure Game

No one really knew what to expect when Recoil Games released the preview to Rochard, a much touted exciting puzzle game. When the final release was finally on the market fans rushed off to buy it and the game proved to be as fun and exciting as everyone hoped it would be.
The game takes you into the world of John Rochord who is a miner and has to mine valuable minerals for his employer called Skyrig. But four years later his job is in jeopardy and he risks being fired because he hasn't found any valuable materials. His luck suddenly turns for the better and he discovers a precious ore that changes his destiny forever. Greed and deception become the order of the day and Rochord and his team become pawns fighting bad guys hired by powerful corporations. John and his love Skylar battle tough mercenaries throughout the game and must use their wits to stay ahead in order to survive.
The game is wrought with red herrings and false clues that will have you scratching your head from the first level to the last.
There is a lot of comedy in the game that will make you smile. The sound and graphics are perfect. The music will make you fall in love with the game and many gamers will want to save the soundtrack if nothing else. For those who played Shadow Complex you will find a lot of similarity and this will give you the insight to solve all the complex puzzles thrown your way. The adventure is full of surprises and there is plenty of excitement in the battles you encounter. Rochord has a number of weapons he can depend on, but the primary ones are the G-Lifter and the Rock Blaster. The first one grabs enemies faraway and the second one is a gun blazing no holds barred weapon making the terminator look like a Cinderella. John can scale great heights and move heavy objects not possible on Earth. All this makes for a great adventure game unmatched by anything you played before.
Unfortunately, the controls are awkward and you will be fumbling to maneuver your character around. Sometimes the combat is too much and you will die easily and you'll wonder why the developers have placed so much fighting in the game when the puzzle solving is supposed to be the theme of the whole affair. The game lacks focus and could have really been a masterpiece if more seriousness was incorporated into the gameplay. The puzzles get more difficult to solve as you progress through the levels and many gamers will struggle to complete the game. However, the design and graphics are beautiful and aesthetic, making it a great game to sit through for the entire 6 or 7 hours it takes to complete.
It's not the best puzzle game on the market, but at $10 it certainly offers a lot and the entire package is a bargain at that price. It's a game that you can play over and over as there will be plenty of items you didn't collect during your first time round and you'll want to improve your score anyway. Rochord will bend your mind, and you won't mind a bit to do it all over again.
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