Sunday, May 24, 2015

Text Adventure Games - Making New Friends

Gamers are very social individuals, says a recent study by a UK university. Apparently, nearly half of us find it easier to make friends online and many of us go on to forge lifelong relationships with our in-game pals. It's great that the typical image of the lonely pale-faced gamer with only the dim flickers of a computer screen for company is disappearing, but we've always known how friendly we are, haven't we gamers? It doesn't matter whether you play MMORPGs or text-based adventure games - we've been making buddies for decades.
No really, some of us have. MUDs have been throwing unlikely people together since 1975, when actually seeing the virtual representation of your friend was just a dream. The text game veterans have forged friends that have spanned decades, been separated by oceans and even blossomed into love. Free text games provide a platform that anyone can step onto, meet like-minded people and explore boundless virtual worlds with new-found pals.
So why is it so easy for us to make friends online? Well, the boffins say it's because we're able to express ourselves in ways that we could never do in real life. There's no better place to do this than in a MUD game. So you've always wanted to grow a beard and talk like a pirate but have never been able to? That's just the start of what you can do in a text game. And while graphical MMORPGs are constrained by things like hard-disk space and expensive production costs, text adventure games have been expanding without limitation. Whether you want to hop on a ship and steer while your friend hoists the sail, battle tirelessly against waves of monsters with your best comrade-in-arms, or just kick back in a tavern and drink a brew - the chances are a text-based game will have what you and your friend are looking for.

And then, of course, there's the gossip. Just like chatting to neighbors at the local grocery store, MUDs breed all the fun of the grapevine. Did you see that so-and-so is engaged to so-and-so? Have seen that what's-his-name has a new sword? It's easy to forget that what you are seeing is text scrolling down a screen as you become totally immersed in a new and friendly world with no limits.
On average, we spend around 23 hours a week in our virtual worlds, graphical or otherwise. Instead of spending that time hopelessly decimating the same monster over and over again until the little number next to 'level' goes up a point, why not try out what Iron Realms Entertainment has to offer? Their free text games offer the next step up in social experiences. Why not sit on a council of a city-state with your friends? How about banding together in a clan and dedicate to a cause? Or perhaps you would prefer to help run a guild with people from all over the world? There is no better way to meet new people or even strengthen existing friendships than to work as a team, just as you would in real life, co-operating and having fun.
So, if making friends is what you are about and social experiences are what you look for in a game, perhaps you should consider a MUD. Just lose your inhibitions, dive in and be whoever you want. You never know, you could make a friend for life!
If you are interested, try out these great text adventure games.
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