Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Best PS3 Adventure Games For Christmas 2010

I think that action adventure games are a great alternative to first person shooters. You still get a good bit of action and shooting but with a bit more interesting storyline and so on as well. Also you can get some great adventure games for the PS3 that do not involve any violence at all if you are buying a gift for a younger child or simply do not like the more violent games that focus so much on killing.
There are some pretty good choices available for Christmas 2010 too with new releases that have gotten PS3 fans very excited.
The first one that I would like to recommend, which falls into the category of a shooter game but with a bit more to it that just shooting, is Red Dead Redemption. It is a wild west adventure, so plenty of stand offs and showdowns, but it is also an 'open world' game, which means you get plenty of freedom to roam around a virtual environment interacting with categories and building up your own unique story. The main point of the game is to build up your fame and wealth as high as you can without getting yourself killed.
Another good choice with a bit more of a puzzle element and a very strong story to go with it is Uncharted: Among Thieves. There is some fighting involved, but the main emphasis of the game is piecing together the story and finding the treasure.

And my third and final choice to recommend to you is the latest release in a very popular series - God Of War 3. This game is based on Greek mythology and involves some great puzzles and strategy elements that are also balanced out well with plenty of action.
In my humble opinion any of these games would make an excellent choice to give as a gift for a PS3 gamer this Christmas 2010. But as a final thought, if you aren't all that up on the latest gaming news - did you know that there is also a great new controller out for the PlayStation called the 'Move', which records physical movements which can be used to control the action in a game - that would make a great gift this year too! It has certainly got many PlayStation gamers who I have spoken to recently quite excited about getting themselves one of these babies.
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