Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen Review

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen is another Big Fish Games exclusive that graced me initially as possibly another hidden object game that is like all the others that came before it. However, this game also teaches me to not judge a book by its cover, because as I soon found out, it is not a hidden object game. This game goes beyond hidden object as it is more an adventure, and a whimsical, crazy and humorous adventure at that.

The story of the game starts as some evil wizard destroyed the Heart of the Kingdom. Without any light and prosperity in his kingdom, the king was offered a solution to marry his daughter to a strange and evil man that can bring the king an enormous amount of money. Desperate and hating her predicament, the princess calls for Baron Munchausen for help. The Baron is eager to do so, and as he enters the scene, prepare to have so much fun unlike nothing the crazy Munchausen can.
For those who do not know yet, the origins of The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen game predates to an actual living man that lived from 1720 to 1797. He told many outrageous and farfetched stories of his adventures that lived to this day on books and movies. Well now, you can experience a made up tale of the famous Baron through this game. And true to his many adventures, this game is also very unique, very funny and full of Munchausen's comical braggadocio that you will definitely enjoy playing it until the end.
Really, this game started quite amateurish to me and I was expecting no surprises, but all that impression blew away the instant that the game play starts. You see, the hidden object scenes follow a different kind of game play. Well, you still need to find objects, but instead of a list, you need to associate other items on your list with these hidden objects. Other than this, other game play mechanics include helping Munchausen by following listed instructions and the usual adventure game play where you need to use inventory items to keep Munchausen progressing in his adventure.
In my opinion, The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen is really one fine game that if you are a seasoned hidden object player, you definitely need something like this to change your perspective, that not all games like these are gritty, dark and eerie, but can also be simple and fun. Too bad that the adventure is quite short, but I am looking forward to a sequel just the same.
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