Monday, May 25, 2015

Facebook's Five New Action and Adventure Games

Excitement, thrill and mystery attract. With recent 3D enhanced graphic animation and Flash technology, games, specifically the action and adventure-based games, have received high ratings, contributing to half the MAUs and DAUs within the social networks. While MargaritaVille Online and New in Town may be softer versions, user behavior shows leaning towards RPGs that contain variety, not repetition. Facebook's new and emerging games have taken this into account. Five games are summarized below:

1. Hidden Chronicles: Described as fun and challenging, the interactive game has been compared to The Gardens of Time, except that this riddle-filled game by Zynga has recently received top rating with 6,300,000 DAUs, according to Forbes. "Welcome to a journey like no other" is announced and a magnifying glass scrolls over these words: "You are urgently needed at Ramsey Manor. Please come at once. Signed The Guardian." The player assumes the character of a detective whose late wealthy uncle has left behind a mansion that requires constant care and upgrading, while searching for hidden objects located across geographical boundaries and time dimension.
2. Dungeon Rampage: An RPG action game that requires skill development, the fantasy setting is typical and complete with dragons and missions that involve rescue of prisoners. Players are advised to read the instructions at every level and set their own pace as well as invite friends to join in.
3. ESPN Return Man: Set in a more realistic design, this is an arcade game by ESPN for football lovers. The player is guided through the game by renowned football personalities such as Trey Wingo and can choose from two options: Blitz where one can play with Facebook Friends or Season which continues as a single game from beginning to end. The player has to avoid the defenders in order to reach the end goal. The game allows interactivity with friends and can be purchased to gain extra skills through Facebook Credits.
4. RISK: Factions: This is a strategy action oriented game similar to the board game, Risk. The player is guided by a general to use his armed troops to fight against different factions. The player wins by taking over all the continents on the map. There is the option to play alone, but recommended only if one wishes to practice. The game is most enjoyable when played against a maximum of four friends, who each take a turn with a virtual dice. The game tends to be limited and repetitive unless Facebook Credits are utilized to provide more options. The game has been attributed as a light form of entertainment and slight depiction of violence.
5. Miscrits of Volcano Island: An extended version of the game, Miscrits: World of Adventure this RPG is complete with maps, a jungle and various animal characters sprouting throughout the adventurous journey. It requires sometime before one can figure the route and prevent the animal characters from falling ill while simultaneously improving character traits. Once that has been figured, moving across levels provide a variety of challenges. The game carries a cheerful air and contains attractive graphics, and has received criticism over its untimely quests and the requisite purchasing of the game to continue before one has figured the game entirely.
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