Monday, May 25, 2015

Perfect Your Volleyball Serve, Perfect Your Great Outdoor Adventure Game Experience!

Some of the great outdoor games are no-brainers and require little or no skill. You just play and the fun is in the simplicity of the play. That's a good thing for many and creates a very inclusive nature for great outdoor games. In many situations, that's the right path to take.
But some of us need more of a challenge to make our great outdoor game adventures really rock. Take Volleyball as a case in point. In Volleyball, you need skills that take time and perseverance to develop.
Let's break it down. In serving, it helps to know and understand your psychological mindset before you try to whip it over the net. Can you handle an aggressive approach, speed, power and yet maintain control? Or, is it better to be conservative, assured that you simply get that volleyball over the net in the first place?

For that brief moment in time, the server has complete domination of the game. Everyone is waiting and watching for the serve to get things going. To great degree, the serve determines how the rally is going to play out.
Serving is a skill that requires practice to perfect. But it's so worth it. Being able to 'tough' serve consistently is a skill that serious players must have, no doubt about it.
Without this skill, their great outdoor game adventure in the world of volleyball is mere recreation, not true sport. And that's fine, if that's personally satisfying. In the world of great outdoor games, there is a game for everyone.
If you feel the need for speed and performance, read on to make it happen.
Learn to serve under pressure. Practice serving repetitively to develop the experience so that you don't suffer the infamous volleyball 'choke' under pressure. Scrimmage in practice and keep score. Penalize a player for missing serves, not to be mean, just to imitate the pressure of real game play.
Make sure to keep the pressure on the servers during every match. When a team plays competitors that are under matched, use this status as an opportunity to work on serving. It's easy to lose focus and not keep your head in the game when the opposing team isn't as challenging, but don't allow your team to fall into this trap. Always care about your serve.
Serving could be the most under developed skill in Volleyball and that's just plain wrong. When your team has truly unstoppable servers, your team is on its way to being entirely unstoppable on the court and to dominating your volleyball game.
Volleyball is one of the great outdoor games that thrives on this kind of healthy domination. It makes the sport challenging and more fun for those of us who need more action and athleticism in our great outdoor adventures. Served up right, volleyball belongs in the great outdoor games hall of fame, don't you agree?
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