Monday, May 25, 2015

Free Mario Games: Action Adventure Games for All Ages

Who doesn't know Mario? He is a gaming character that gained intense popularity in the 80's. Mario is the plumber created by Nintendo who has found his way in every child and adult's heart. Indeed, this is the greatest game ever released as everybody simply enjoyed bouncing around with him. More than twenty years later, he is still alive and kicking, thanks to the many free Mario games that are easily available online.
So if you are feeling a little nostalgic and want to enjoy the Mario world, get back to it once again and defeat Koopa and his gang for saving the princess. Go online and search for free Mario games over the internet,
there are hundreds out there - although many of them are a spin-off of the classic. The original game is still under the trademark rights of Nintendo so you will find only a few games that are exactly like what they have offered two decades ago. But there is a plethora of similar games with the good old italian plumber at the helm. It is the same adventure but on a whole new setting. It would be perfect for you and the kids of today's generation.
If you are a fan of this game and you have a child, try to introduce Mario to him. This is quite easy to do with all the free Mario games available over the net. Teach your child how to beat the turtles, the monkeys, and the flying fishes. Or, how to collect as many coins as possible to add to the score and to increase the number of lives. There are many bonuses in these games too so don't forget to show how relevant they are. You can always use a growth mushroom, a fire flower, and the star of invincibility.
Mario is still the most charismatic game character of all times. Teach your child the proper controls, the right techniques and sooner, he would be able to finish the game with flying colors. He might be better than you are in eliminating enemies and jumping from one castle to another to save the kidnapped princess.
Today, life is even better for kids with the many choices that they have for free Mario games. Now there are all types of Mario games available on the web. While most of them are not officially released by Nintendo, they are all as good and as exciting as the original one. Nostalgic fans would definitely find them as engaging although undeniably different. If there is a game that you can easily share with your son or daughter, it surely will be any of the free Mario games found online. Play one today and reminisce the gaming fun that only Mario can provide.
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