Monday, May 25, 2015

Top 5 Action Adventure Games

Number 5
God Of War - lets face it this game is a masterpiece and if you don't like it you probably just don't like video games or you don't like this genre of video games. The storyline in the game is very compelling and the cut scenes are graphic and unique making them truly a work of art. As far as graphics go the game contained some of the best on the PlayStation 2 as environments and characters were very well detailed. The combat in the game is very good in comparison to some of the other games in the genre and context sensitive button controls added some depth and surprises to an already good combat system.

Number 4
Ninja Gaiden Sigma/Black - I put ninja gaiden sigma and black because at the core the 2 games are pretty much the same except for all the bonus features that are included with sigma most significant of which is Rachel being a playable character. The graphics in this game are astonishing; they were when it came out on the original Xbox (Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black) and even better for Sigma on the PS3. One of the main reasons I like this game is the combat and difficulty, each slash, strike and combo is fluent and smooth. Another reason is the fact that You cannot button mash and beat this game as you have to block and evade quite often otherwise even the basic enemies will take you out. Environments are pretty but pretty much the same throughout the entire game and boss fights are fun but not as creative and memorable as some of the boss battles from other games on this list. I would talk about the story but honestly there is none and if you play the game looking for one you will be very disappointed.
Number 3
Devil May Cry - This game made this genre more or less, without it I wouldn't have been able to make this list. When this game came out there was nothing like it on the market, it was stylish and sleek with a good story and a good combat system. The game wasn't that diverse as far as environments go but boss battles were exciting and memorable (I know most people who have played remember the spider boss lol). This title was a solid start to an overall good franchise (damn DMC2 almost ruined it all) and a main character who is a favorite among many gamers.
Number 2
God Of War 2 - So here we stand.... Number 2....God Of War 2, well there isn't really much to say re-read number 5 and multiply everything I said there by 2. This game is everything a sequel should be, better graphics (definitely pushed the PlayStation 2 hardware) , more enemies, more diverse environments, more compelling story, more boss fights, a longer play through and more context sensitive button pressing sequences make this game another masterpiece. It improves on the original in every single way and as far as boss battles go it is only out done by resident evil 4 and maybe SOTC. God Of War 2 is a must buy if you have a PlayStation 2 laying around, you are going to buy a PlayStation 2 or if you have a PlayStation 3 that plays ps2 games.
Number 1
Devil May Cry 3
Some people might disagree with my number 1 choice but it was a pretty easy decision for me as it combines a lot of what the other games have. The story is very well written and was a good addition to the Devil May Cry mythos. The game is a prequel to the first game and explains a lot about Dante and his brothers past that was previously unknown in the other 2 games. The combat was just amazing (this was not an easy game, not even on normal) fights were exciting, there were a lot of weapons to acquire and there was a lot of boss fights each unique with different weaknesses. Being number 1one on the list it should go without saying but if you like these kinds of games this is another must play and it has a lot of replay ability as well.
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